Saturday, August 14, 2010

What do you get...

When you take a bunch of fabric...
Random accessories, and 1,200 circles? (That's right. 1,200 circles, hand cut by me and my sis!!!)

A beautiful wedding!

My sister asked me to make her wedding bouquet. I was honored, scared, daunted and willing! It gradually turned into more. :) I was happy to help and even happier that she loved it all. What I ended up making was:

For the Bride:
Veil (which she ended up making)
Veil flower embellishment

Wedding Party:
5 bridesmaids bouquets
1 toss bouquet
5 poppy headbands (bridesmaids)
15 boutonnieres
4 mom/Grandma corsages

Additional family:
6 poppy headbands for nieces
2 stretchy headbands for baby nieces

It was a long process, but I was glad I could be such a big part of her wedding. Here are some shots.

Bride's bouquet:

Bridesmaids bouquets:
Veil with flower
Bridesmaids headbands:
Nieces headbands:
Baby headbands (sorry for the bad pic')

(I didn't get a picture of the Mom corsages, but it pretty much looked like the baby headband, with out the band...)

And the beautiful couple!

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