Friday, August 20, 2010

A skirt for Aubree ((by me))

I was sorting through my material the other day, and at the very bottom of my collection I found this fabric with a beautiful print. My MIL gave me her scraps from having a dust ruffle made in her grandkids room. It is already pleated with a hem! I decided it would make a great skirt for my three year old.

I measured her waist and found that the fabric was the perfect width to make her a skirt for next year! It already had a hem and a finished top. All I had to do was sew some elastic to the inside and sew the two edges together. It took me all of 5 minuets!

Then I decided the top wasn't a polished enough look for me (it was serged...) And after trying it on her it was too long, even considering it is for next year. So I unpicked...added a thicker hem. Which I like the look of better anyway..

Then I made my own bias tape, sewed it on, added elastic and closed it up...

This is how it turned out. Even messing up in the beginning, it was a real fast skirt. And turned out super cute!

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