Saturday, November 26, 2011

My sister's wedding

My sister got married, and I had lots of fun helping her with everything.  First, I threw her a shower.  

I made a ton of pom pom's to hang as a focal point, and around different areas.
I made these cute labels for all the food and desserts.

I made little tags with a "K" for Kelsey, to add to the apples.

A wishing tree, I cut some branches of my tree, sprayed them cream, and stuck them in a jar with white navy beans.
I employed my Husband to make all the cranes.
"pin the boutonnière on Guy", with a little banner.
Cute ladder I embellished with fun photos and love quotes.
Table runner made of vintage sheet music sewn together, and tiny flowers made from tissue and more sheet music.

Favors using tissue paper and ribbon.
Vinyl on my door of an antique key and the words "please come in"
I made most of the accessories, including her hair pin, and his boutonnière.  Instead of a pearl in the center of his poppy, he wanted a "k"
I made their wedding cake topper

More table runners for the reception, and I helped with the book vases and poppy centers.

Their entrance table:
teeny tiny pennant garland
the wishing tree again

The cranes being made from vintage sheet music also.
poppy pens for signing
Cute "instruction" printable
random framed pictures, and loose flowers
"CARDS" , and a peek of the "love is all you need" art I made her for her birthday earlier this year.
I covered this frame (that I got at the D.I.) with more sheet music, and put some chalkboard in it.
I made all the hair accessories (you can only see about half of these, and these are only about half of what I made) for the wedding party and children.
The toss bouquet, and wedding bouquet.
Vinyl for the back of their car.

Also a garter, her veil, mom and grandma corsages,  and a few other things!  Whew! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flower vases tutorial

I've always seen those cute flower arrangements, with silk flowers stuck in what looks like hard plastic, inside a vase.  I have almost bought one a MILLION times, when it is almost just right, but I can never find the perfect one.  Whether it's the type of flower, the color, or simply the size.  So I realized that I could just make my own!  I'm making up my girls bathroom super cute, and I can't wait to show you what I've been working on, and do a reveal.   

So, gather up your items:

Silk flowers of your choice
tool to cut them
Envirotex lite 
I found some really cute vases at the D.I.  I love the little Mason jar, but for this project the tall silver one fit perfect.  And it was only $0.50.
First step, measure how tall you want your flowers to be.  And cut them to that size.

Step 2: measure out your envirotex, if you're not using glass you can pour it straight into the vase and mix.  If you're using glass, pour and mix in a separate container, and then carefully pour into your vase.  Be careful not to drip it down any edge, it will dry that way :)
Then put your flowers in your vase, and if needed, prop up so they stay in place.  Let dry for 24 hours.
And you have a beautiful arrangement specific to your project.