Thursday, September 30, 2010

For Melanie

My friend Melanie is having a boy, her third child, and first son. I'm very excited for her...

So I made her a burp cloth and matching onsie. Does the monster look Asian? I knd of think he does...

On the back of the monster onsie..
And a hooded towel. It was my first time making one. I didn't love the tutorial I followed..I'll change a few thing next time. I don't like how pointy it is..but it did turn out pretty cute. And I love the stripes.

Wedding shower gifts

My mil is so sweet and always paying me to make gifs for her. These are to be displayed at a wedding shower.

A fun sign to hang on their door :)

And a beautiful towel cake.

Boomin' with babies!

My friends are all pregnant, or recently pregnant. (pretty much) So between all of them (and a b-day present for my daughter's friend) I have been busy making 8 presents for babies! So expect a lot of posts to follow. This one was for my friend Somer, expecting boy #2

For some reason I was in a theme mood. Stars. I wrapped it all up in a star bag, with a star tag. Let's see what's inside...

First off a Star themed sign. I decided to try to make it weather proof so she could hang it on her door to avoid those pesky doorbell ringers...I coated it all in mod-podge. BAD idea. It kind of looks unfortunate, but it will do the job...
Now a star bib, taggie toy, and burp cloth. And notice that the paper and fabric match!
This won't seem cool, because you don't have a frog named pock with an orange dot on his shoulder...but they do! This stencil was a PAIN to make! But I LOVE how it turned out!
Congrats Somer!

A Wedding

My good friend Zenny asked if I would help her beautify accessories for her children for a wedding in the family. She bought these dresses for her girls, but wanted to incorporate red and white, which are the other colors in the wedding.

First we made a red sash. She wanted them about three inches thick. Already a lot better.

She wanted to use the length of the fabric, instead of buying more fabric, so no pretty bow on back, but a cool tie and it's still beautiful.
Next, white. I thought a beautiful pin for the sash would look lovely.

And of course headbands and clips.

All in all I made:

4 sashes
2 poppy pins
5 headbands
3 clips

I've been busy! And she promised beautiful pictures from the wedding. To come soon.