Friday, April 29, 2011

Another banner

This time for a Royal Wedding! I used the free printables from Tom Kat Studio. And this as an inspiration for the backing.

We had a FULL on part-y! It was amazing. More pictures to come. Hopefully of better quality :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wonder Pets

My daughter got invited to a Wonder Pets party. I've never seen or heard of it, so I did a little research. Well, my daughter really wanted to get her a purple fairy barbie. So I thought I throw in a shirt also to add to the theme of her party. On the back I painted the logo for the Wonder Pets. Using the freezer paper method.
And I was crunched for time, so on the front just one of them. But I thought she was the cutest.. I didn't even have time to sew it on. So hopefully the iron on holds up.
And a close up. All the pieces are random fabrics, knit, cotton, printed cotton, and for the eyes I used fabric paint. It turned out pretty cute. Too bad I don't have a better camera to capture it all....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A gift

My sister found this HUGE egg at Hobby lobby. She wanted to decorate for her boyfriend for Easter. And then fill it. Little did we know inside that huge egg was another egg, and another. So we decorated all three. I came up with the idea of vinyl. So it's not girly. it's still springy and Eastery but not girly. We did it around the egg, but I only took shots of my favorite angles. For the smallest egg:


Large: (his name is Guy Richey)

I think they turned out cute. And they'll be even cuter stuffed full of goodies!

Eggs...Eggs..and more eggs

It seems like most of my decorations are becoming eggs. My friend found all these cute ideas of covering cheap easter eggs. So we have started to make 'em. With more on the horizon!

First: Newspaper, sheet music (fake, it's actually scrapbook paper) and twine. I love the earthy look of these. I might make more. I can't decide if I have enough. The newspaper is a PAIN to adhere to plastic we learned quick and used paper mache eggs to cover the rest. MUCH easier. And all we did is cut strips and mod podge it all on. We hot glued the twine on.

Fabric covered. Same concept. Strips and modge podge. The trick is to use a similar colored eggs as your fabric...and it looks awesome! I loved doing these ones.

I even put a few around the house in my little egg holders. (you probably saw them in my last post with out any explanations...that's what they were :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter garlands

I jumped on the bandwagon for paint chip egg garlands. how can you beat FREE? They turned out lovely. This one is too full, so it just looks like a rainbow...I will be thinning it out so it looks more like my other one.

Here, you can actually tell they're eggs. SUPER cute idea.

And I got this printable on a link from Tip Junkie. It is AWESOME. 30 something pages of printables for Easter...for free. I printed off this cute banner. One year when I host a party, I 'll definitely be using the whole package.

Easter Decorations

I am now, finally getting around to Easter. And it's tomorrow. So for the few decorations I had this year...

I got this chipboard egg forever ago..and covered it last year. It's not my favorite. But since I have so's adds a lot!

That is a real chocolate bunny my kids got last year from grandma. I didn't want them to eat it. So it became decor. And they never knew!
I got that bunny from my MIL a few years ago. It was hunter green with raffia and spackles. I painted and covered it with a more springy feel.
I got this cute bunny from my MIL. The basket from Heartland about 3 years ago. And I covered it cutely. (Cute eggs in another post :)
That's all I had to start with. I've made a couple of other things. And I think I'll keep making more, since there isn't another holiday for a while.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The wedding has come and gone...and I feel like I have a lot of extra time. That will be spent relaxing this week, before I pick back up on projects! 2 more items that I took a pic' of with my phone. We made these decorative plates with vinyl, my cricut, and of course feathers...
She had each one placed on the serving tables with the desserts.
Professional pictures to come when I get 'em...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding shirts

40 R0ses
3 sizes
2 colors

The result:

These shirts were made to wear with the can can skirts. 5 in all. Embellished with rosettes of varying sizes and color.These three are for the older girls, similar in style, but we mixed it up with the placement of colors and sizes.
Around the neck I sewed this beautiful pleated ribbon we found at Hobby Lobby.
Two will be in onsies, we didn't want the embellishments too heavy for them.

I LOVE how they turned out. I also made her veil, which I forgot to picture. I'll just get a copy from her photographer. 'Cause you know I'll have to document it :) Now I'm off to the wedding in 2 days!!!! California here I come.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter art

Easter, sadly, will be a little neglected since I have to finish all the wedding stuff...and celebrate husband's big 3-0 birthday. But I do have more plans because I have about three easter decorations to my name...and I definitely need more. This is what I have had time to make so far....

sweet silhouettes (my husband thinks his one looks like she is beating off a rabid dog....not me)

I LOVE this printable. I can't find where I got it...surprise surprise...but she has two others that I need to find space for because they are SO cute.
Every season I have to have my specimen art somewhere. This year eggs of course. My friend had the brilliant idea to "crack" her glitter egg. Naturally I had to copy...I just love it. And for now, in combo with my other pathetic decorations, you can at least see a taste of spring.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More wedding

More wedding items that I made: (thankfully the wedding is almost here and I will have a lot of free time :)

First off, some changes...The Groom's boutonniere, instead of a flat backing of netting, the bride wanted more of a "messy" look. So I smooshed some netting back there and glued it all together..I agree, I like it better.
Second change..her garter. She liked this pleated ribbon a lot better than the stretchy ribbon I used. And again, I agree :)
I sewed a little of the original ribbon in the back so it could stretch. And viola..done.
Next up....5 Can Can skirts from Dana over at Made.
I am definitely making these for my girls. They're a little time consuming...but the actual work is easy.
The sizes I made range from 0-3 months to 10. I love all the sweet.