Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stain cover up ((by me))

I LOVE buying white shirts for my girls. They go with anything, but kids will be kids and their shirts never stay white. I loved the lines on this shirt, but my daughter got a lot of little stains on it. I had a lot of ideas to cover them up. Each one getting more elaborate and involved. But for the most pary, I like the look of simplicity. So this is what I did.

I used heat and bond and applied it to the back of my fabric. Then I drew four hearts in different sizes and shapes. I cut them out, applied and covered up those stains.
To add a little more subtle interest, I sewed along the edges. And of course that helps it stay on better. It's nice not to throw out a shirt just because it's stained. And now it feels like she has a new outfit.

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