Thursday, May 5, 2011

Late Easter

I have been finishing up two Easter projects that I didn't get to until now. I decided that it is indeed less fun to make crafts for a holiday that already happened, so the rest of my ideas will wait 'till next year. I hate putting them away in a box for another year...but I'm glad I finished them.

Cute pinecone looking eggs. My friend and I did, we got the idea HERE. I supplied the pins...well most of them. And she supplied the eggs, and paper. I think I will display them on different height stands...we'll see. But I think they are just beautiful.

And yarn carrots. We found HERE. Super easy and cute. My friend supplied the yarn for these....she's a good friend :) They turned out really cute. I have A LOT more I want to do for Easter...but next year.

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