Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple birthday gift

I bought this skirt at Walmart, and knew it would make a fun project.  It started out white.   I used my mini monograms cartridge to cut out a cute "m" for Malory.  I had it cut on freezer paper.  And then ironed it on to the skirt.  Next I put Elmers blue gel glue over the stencil and let it dry for a few hours.  Then CAREFULLY, and with the help of my cricut tools, I peeled away the freezer paper leaving a skirt with glue in the form of a monogram.  Then I dyed it using RIT dye.  Only I made sure there wasn't any heat in the dye bath or it would melt the glue.  After dying for about 30 minuets, I washed it and this was the result.  The glue washes right off, leaving a white print where the glue used to be.

Then I made this cute felt flower clip for a pop of color in her hair.

We threw in a couple of age appropriate toys and had a fun gift.

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