Saturday, September 10, 2011

Golf themed-couples bridal shower

I helped my husband and MIL throw a golf shower for one of his best friends growing up. We had a lot of ideas, and I think they all came together REALLY well.   Most of my contribution came from HERE.  It was very kid-ish, so I aged it up a bit. And it was a HIT!

The invitations:

I took the free printable I found HERE, and added all sorts of fun stuff to make it my own, and "golf it up." My favorite part is the border of their names. (I threw my original away...and printed this off real quick to get a don't mind the quality!)

Using my cuttlebug, I embossed the brown paper backing to add intrest and texture.   

We of course had to add a little pink bling for the bride-to-be.

This was a paper doll cut out I did, had framed, at the entry. These were the cute favors that a neighbor friend made. Along with a label I made, one of many :)

"time to par-TEE" banner.  It really turned out quite cute.

Printable I made.  Golf balls, on top of split peas, in a vase.
These tee's and circles were to hold the "club-sandwiches" together.

Golf ball cake pops

And cupcakes

Water bottles with labels I made, straws I ordered from HERE. I got their cute flag download and added different words to each.

Golf Subway art I made.
Golf circles I also made, attached to pop sticks. And arranged in a jar with split peas.

Want to do a golf party too? Printables to come soon!


  1. What did you use to make the Golf Ball Cake pops? I love the idea and want to copy it :) Thanks!

  2. I hosted a DIY party for my best friend’s bridal shower. I made the banners, labels for food. She wants to have a DIY wedding at one of the best NYC wedding venues. She wants me to create her table centerpieces. I will make them in form of eatables. How is my idea?