Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Bags

I FINALLY finished. I made my older daughter, Aubree, this cute bag for trick or treating (with the never ending patience and teachings of my cute Aunt...) and I knew I wanted to make one for her little sister, when she was able to use it. I bought enough paper ahead of time. A few months ago, I realized that my younger daughter, Sophie, would in fact be actively participating in Halloween this year. So I had to make her bag too.

And they turned out SO cute.

A spider for Aubs.
A witch for Soph. ( I think I need to move "p" down. It's driving me crazy!)
The edges are all sewn together with boondoggle. And I love the detail.
I made they're bags matching, in opposites.
With coordinating paper on the sides. They love them and use them a lot more than just for Halloween. Now I need to make them more themes so I can change out the papers and get more use out of it.
I'm thinking of using it for
Valentines Day
And a non holiday theme for church and the library...

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  1. Those are way cute. Did Caryn show you how to do that? I might need to have you show me how so I can make some for Jack's family. (They're the only kids I have to make these kinds of things for since you already make cute things for yours. I guess I do have other nieces and nephews and great-nieces/nephew. Hmmm....)