Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gifts for nieces

I did these a while ago and just now found the pictures!

For my nieces birthday I decided to make them some personalized items..
A covered note book (inspired by the ones I did for the girls church books) with their initial on it. I used their favorite color and added buttons to spruce it up. Then I sewed elastic to the inside back cover, so they could keep it closed if wanted...

Then I made them lounge pants. My older Niece Tori LOVES owls. (The same one I did little notebooks with) So I free-handed a stencil with freezer paper and painted an owl on, then I used fabric to give it more texture and detail.
On the back I put her name. (Using the cricut to cut out the letter stencil)
My younger niece.
She LOVES monkey's so I came up with this for her pant.
I didn't take pictures of the rest..but I think they really liked it.

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  1. I love the notebooks and the owl. The monkey's cute too, but for some reason the owl is just calling to me.