Saturday, April 9, 2011

More wedding

More wedding items that I made: (thankfully the wedding is almost here and I will have a lot of free time :)

First off, some changes...The Groom's boutonniere, instead of a flat backing of netting, the bride wanted more of a "messy" look. So I smooshed some netting back there and glued it all together..I agree, I like it better.
Second change..her garter. She liked this pleated ribbon a lot better than the stretchy ribbon I used. And again, I agree :)
I sewed a little of the original ribbon in the back so it could stretch. And viola..done.
Next up....5 Can Can skirts from Dana over at Made.
I am definitely making these for my girls. They're a little time consuming...but the actual work is easy.
The sizes I made range from 0-3 months to 10. I love all the sweet.

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  1. You're so amazing! I miss you guys! You know what's funny, Dana from Made is in my ward here in Texas! Sweet huh! She's cool! I love all you've made!