Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Decorations

I am now, finally getting around to Easter. And it's tomorrow. So for the few decorations I had this year...

I got this chipboard egg forever ago..and covered it last year. It's not my favorite. But since I have so's adds a lot!

That is a real chocolate bunny my kids got last year from grandma. I didn't want them to eat it. So it became decor. And they never knew!
I got that bunny from my MIL a few years ago. It was hunter green with raffia and spackles. I painted and covered it with a more springy feel.
I got this cute bunny from my MIL. The basket from Heartland about 3 years ago. And I covered it cutely. (Cute eggs in another post :)
That's all I had to start with. I've made a couple of other things. And I think I'll keep making more, since there isn't another holiday for a while.

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