Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter art

Easter, sadly, will be a little neglected since I have to finish all the wedding stuff...and celebrate husband's big 3-0 birthday. But I do have more plans because I have about three easter decorations to my name...and I definitely need more. This is what I have had time to make so far....

sweet silhouettes (my husband thinks his one looks like she is beating off a rabid dog....not me)

I LOVE this printable. I can't find where I got it...surprise surprise...but she has two others that I need to find space for because they are SO cute.
Every season I have to have my specimen art somewhere. This year eggs of course. My friend had the brilliant idea to "crack" her glitter egg. Naturally I had to copy...I just love it. And for now, in combo with my other pathetic decorations, you can at least see a taste of spring.

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