Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggs...Eggs..and more eggs

It seems like most of my decorations are becoming eggs. My friend found all these cute ideas of covering cheap easter eggs. So we have started to make 'em. With more on the horizon!

First: Newspaper, sheet music (fake, it's actually scrapbook paper) and twine. I love the earthy look of these. I might make more. I can't decide if I have enough. The newspaper is a PAIN to adhere to plastic we learned quick and used paper mache eggs to cover the rest. MUCH easier. And all we did is cut strips and mod podge it all on. We hot glued the twine on.

Fabric covered. Same concept. Strips and modge podge. The trick is to use a similar colored eggs as your fabric...and it looks awesome! I loved doing these ones.

I even put a few around the house in my little egg holders. (you probably saw them in my last post with out any explanations...that's what they were :)

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