Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick Day Party

I thought it would be fun this year to host a green party in honor of St. Patrick's day, so I sent out some invitations.. nice and simple, but cute.

Printed of some decorations...
And set it all up. We even had green packets to mix in our water bottles.
Theses pillow boxes were filled with treasures..yum

And I wanted to make these mint oreo pops as a favor. Then I remembered I had already made favors...but you can never have to many. :)

This table was set up right when you walk in the door.
There were some fun prizes...candy, tags, printables
And one framed printable..
Shamrock pins for the guys..
and headbands for the girls..
The food was very delicious, and very green. I only had the neon dye so the rolls and potatoes look more yellow...but they were green...

We played three games (all St. Patrick themed of course)
Word search
Word scramble
and Trivia

Then we voted on who had the best green you can see 6 of the 7 voters picked me :) since I couldn't win we gave it to the only other voted...:)
It was great fun.

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