Saturday, March 19, 2011

My best friend's wedding

I just had to title it that. ;) I have moved around so much that I feel like I have many friends with the title "best". Representing a different time in my life. This friend, Chelsea I grew up with in California and later became roommates in college. Her at BYU and myself at UVSC. Well she has found the one, and we are doing a wedding. The bulk of her family still live in California, so I'm helping out as much as I can. And being a bride's maid it is my duty, right? So so far this is what I have finished...

5 BIG alligator clips

6 hard headbands, with the same arrangement.

Boutonnieres for adults, kids and small kids..:) 15 total.

1 soft headband, and 1 garter. Identical in design.

2 small alligator clips..

And the bride's and groom's.

And two cute pens for the guest book.

Her wedding is going to be GORGEOUS, with the peacock theme and colors. Already it is so rich and beautiful. I'm excited to see how it all pulls together! More wedding posts to come.

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  1. Those are pretty cool. I really like the feathered clips.