Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"A Believing Heart"

The theme for YW this year is: We Believe. My mil is the yw president in her ward and she asked me to help out with some decorations for new beginnings. They wanted to center it around "A Believing Heart."

She wanted the colors to be black, silver and white. Very classy and neat. With splashes of red for the heart. I wanted to incorporate scallops in everything. So this is what we came up with:

The invitation. Made with my cricut and cuttlebug.
The program, also made with my cricut and cuttlebug.
Favors, a simple silver chain with round pendant that says "believe" on a cardstock cut out using my cricut and cuttlebug. Michelle always wraps it up cute.
She had these plants around the room, with hanging hearts from the center. I wish I got a picture of it set up in the room because it looked beautiful...here...not so much. A banner that says "a believing heart"

We also made 15 11'' hearts that had all the values and quotes on them, and 60 little hearts that the yw put on each person as they came into the room, and a big vinyl cut out for the wall in the yw room. (none of this pictured)

And right now I'm working on making one of these for each of the yw to put on their walls in their room.

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  1. Are the themes different for each stake? If not, I thought the theme was the 13th Article of Faith. Either way, the decorations for New Beginnings are really cute. We already had ours. We each got a sign with part of the 13th AoF on it. I'll have to take a picture of it, so you can see it.