Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Decorating for Valentines

Last year I was in to burlap. Proof, my love banner...

This year I made a beautiful banner with crystals, embossed papers, glitter, tulle...all the ingredients for Valentines day.

This cute art was inspired from here.
Last year's burlap heart wreath, and banner.

I also made this last year with scraps from a shower curtain. LOVE IT.
Free printables..but I can't find where I got them. With a cute chain garland.
Last year's burlap letters.
My friend got these hearts from her MIL. They were attached on a chain, and were painted with the old country style of colors and spackle...and rafia. We stripped all that off and turned them into cute conversation hearts. Using my our cricut to cut out the vinyl words.
I made these last year with cute glitter plates from Target and scrap vinyl words from my local vinyl store.
I made a beautiful garland to hang between my two topiaries.
It's all in the details. Sewn, ruffled crepe paper with a glitter edge. Embossed scallop backing with glitter letters. So pretty.
I got this printable HERE. This is a song my MIL always sings to my girls. So when I saw it I had to have it.
My puff felt balls that previously were hanging on hooks...ended up here. Without ribbons, a top candle holders. A much better home.
And a LONG beautiful strand hearts and glitter circles.

That about wraps it up for decorations this year...

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