Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heart felt wreath

I'm on the ball this month!! I'm making valentines decor in time to have them up this year. This is the first of a few projects. I stole the idea from here. As well as other projects to be finished.

I did count how many circles I used, which was 124. It was a little shy of 3/4 yard. But I would use the whole 3/4 and really fill it in. I skimped around the edges, and it's still beautiful from the front, but from the side you can see it's not all the way filled. I finished mine a little different. I hot glued some tulle to the back (after I formed it how I wanted it to be) and then backed it all in red felt. That way from any angle you only see red. And we have a glass door so from the inside of the house your not staring at an unfinished back of wreath. It's not that neat and pretty, but it's better than white, unfinished!

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