Monday, July 4, 2011

4th Decorations

I've made some more decorations to add to my banners and star art...

My mantle, I love the tiny garland. I made it using paint chips from Home Depot, cutting out stars, and sewing them in a long line.
Another glitter silhouette
I always have these candles on my mantel, but I added some ribbon and a crystal to tie them in.
My friend made this printable, I printed it off and framed it.
I made these cute pinwheels from a printable, and put them in vases with colored beans.
More printables that I framed. And hung on the wall.
Another tiny garland for the back wall...
...with more printables. The white ones my friend also made. You can find them HERE.
Cute "America" banner from a printable, and Uncle Sam made by my friend's Mom.
Blue and white stars in a vase with red ribbon, little glass mirror with vinyl cut out rubbed on and finally a 5x7 bead board painted and sanded to look like the flag.

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