Thursday, March 29, 2012

Train Table up-do

My little girl is a fun mix of tom-boy and girly girl.  She LOVES trains, so this year for her birthday we got her a train table and trains.  I got this table off of KSL.  It was in good condition, and pretty cheap, but I knew I wanted to change the train motif.  I didn't want their table to be exclusively train themed.  I wanted it to match our girl toy room and be cute to build towers, castles etc...on.  So I took it from this:

 to this:

Here's how:
Gather your supplies,
Strips of paper cut at random width's
sandpaper with a heavy grit

I first measured all the lengths of my table and realized they weren't at an even number, they were all at a 1/2 mark.  So I cut my strips at 2'', 2.5'', and 3'' ensuring that I could always end at 1/2 by any combination of strips :)
 Next sand all the areas you want covered so they can really grip onto the surface.

 Then you'll take one strip at a time and mod podge it on to the table.  I did all my strips vertical, at random, so no two sides were the same.  I did try to use the same amount of different prints, they just ended up in whatever order came out. For this step only mod podge the back of the paper being careful to get the whole area down, leaving no room for bubbles.  After you've finished one complete side, let it dry completely (I moved on to another side while one was drying so I didn't waste any time)

This is what it should look like from the front:
 and back
 When it's all dry take your scissors and trim off all the excess, the closer you get to the edge the better, but it doesn't have to be perfect.
 After you've trimmed them all down, take your sandpaper again and sand off all the excess paper, leaving a nice edge.
 When the sanding is all done and you have a nice edge all the way across, you'll add a few more coats of mod podge to seal it all in.  Make sure it dries completely between coats.  I did two top coats, but you could do three.
 Repeat, until all sides of the table are done.  And your finished.  Stand back and admire your work.

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  1. That turned out way cute! Did she like it? I know you were a little worried about that.