Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fixing a swimming suit

My pile of "fix it's" grows too fast too often.  One I've had in the pile since after summer is my daughter's two swimming suits. She has a couple with clasps like this:   

However those clasps don't seem to hold up too well with my little fish.  You can see the crack, and once that little piece of plastic breaks, the swimming suit no longer stays up! 

So....I went to Wal-Mart and bought this kit:
I cut off the ends of her suit, 'cause the snaps I got were not heavy duty, and would never make it through all that fabric.  Doing this will cause you too loose some length in the neck hole.  So you may need to get heavy duty snaps to go through the thick part,  if you don't want to loose any length.  My daughter is actually very small through her shoulders, and neck line so I choose this option as it will end up fitting her better anyway.
Make sure you cut it just outside the hem line so you don't have to sew anything.  It will leave two raw edges, but once they're trimmed they look fine :)
Then follow the directions on your snaps to properly apply.  The pack I got required you to hammer the pieces together once to tool was in place.  I found out however that my cropadile fit perfectly over the tool so I used that instead.  I did everything else according to the instructions.  If you want to use your cropadile too, here's how I set it.

The bottom of the cropadile is the "base" I just used the flattest setting on there. And it worked great.
Then on the top, there was a blank side available, so the top was completely flat, and the base was almost flat.
Here's the tool (with the pieces inside ready to push through the fabric) and my cropadile fitting over it nicely.
Do it to both ends and then you'll have a new, sturdy, snap for her to keep swimming!

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