Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kimiko Gifts

I have officially opened my etsy shop, called Kimiko gifts. I of course had to do something Asian for my shop and my Dad helped me pick it out. It's the name of my "adopted" grandma from Japan, and I think it sounds cute and girly. I am surprise to see that one item already has a heart, and I have 1 follower (who hearts my shop) and it has only been open for an hour! Yea. It will probably be slow goin' because I am so busy. But I have wanted to have one for the longest time, and now it is a reality. Any shout out's will be GREATLY appreciated. I have a few ideas for promoting it, and this is one :) Thank you. And please take a look. I am very proud of myself and that doesn't happen near enough.This is the link, and I will have a link set up on my side bar too.

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